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Home Flooring Calgary | Great Maintenance Tips For Your Hard Surface Floor

Here are Southern Comfort Flooring, we believe that your home flooring Calgary should be long lasting and stunning! We understand that having hard surface floors, especially, can be difficult to maintain, or seems like you have to get new flooring often. Below are 8 great tips on how to maintain your hard surface floors so they still look beautiful in your home with no worry.

Sweep or Vacuum Your Floor Daily

Taking a few minutes everyday to get rid of any dust or debris that you could potentially step on and create scratches. This will not only benefit your floor but the general air quality in your home as well. 

Create a Wash Schedule

Creating a regular schedule to wash your floor will prevent you from over washing and introducing too much moisture or potentially removing that protective layer that’s going ensure longevity . Everyone loves a clean floor but too much of anything can cause harmful results.  

Use Manufacturer Approved Cleaning Solutions

I know there are a million hacks for DIY cleaning solutions and a million more options to buy in a hardware store but if you are not using a solution that was designed specifically for your floor you are going to have problems. Not to mention you will void any warranties your floor has. Call your builder, retail store, installer, whoever has access to the manufacture cleaning guidelines and follow them. Our business recommends Goodfellow and Power Dekor to name a couple.

Floor Protectors for Your Furniture Are A Must

No flooring products are scratch proof. Debris with the right pressure and motion can do serious harm to your floor. Felt pads are a great way to protect from anything you may be sliding around on a daily basis. Bigger pieces like pianos should be using a wider based cup with a solid but soft bottom so the weight can be distributed evenly. This can also cut down on cleaning times and ensure a deeper clean knowing you can move furniture around freely without damaging your floor. It’s also a good idea to check them annually to see when they may need to be replaced.

Area Rugs Are Great, But Be Careful Of What They Are Made Of

For entryways you’ll want something that’s waterproof and can capture the dirt being brought in. Wool and synthetic fiber rugs are great choices because they tend to be waterproof and won’t have the color bleed onto your floor when wet. Natural fiber rugs tend to have a synthetic latex backing on them that will trap gases and moisture which will deteriorate the finish and cause discoloring. Instead try to find something with a woven backing or use a natural latex / rubber underlayment. 

No Steam Mops on Your Hardwood, Laminate or Cork

Steam mops force moisture into the grooves of your floor where there is no moisture protectant. This will cause swelling of the products overtime and ruin the structural integrity as well as the finish. 

Use Caution With Planters

Plastic drip trays directly on hardwood floors can trap moisture and cause accelerated wear of the finish. Find something that allows air to pass under and be sure not to over water .


Make sure you set up water dishes on a large mat capable of catching the mess that your pet makes when drinking. Be diligent with cleaning up accidents in a timely manner and wipe their paws when they come in from playing outside. Keeping their toenails and claws trimmed down is also a floor saver.

If you have any other questions, contact us today! If you’re looking for new flooring, we also have a wide variety of hard surface flooring.

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